Staying Golden: The Art of Accessorizing with Gold Jewelry

Staying Golden - The Art of Accessorizing with Gold Jewelry 1Photo Courtesy: Maegan Tintari

People say “I’m staying golden” to mean they want to be unfazed by petty problems, and to remain positive and cheerful. It’s no coincidence that the word “gold” is in the expression somewhere: classic, precious, and timeless. Nobody can turn down something made of gold.

The same goes true for gold jewelry. Even if trends in jewelry-making and wearing change through time, gold will remain a standard in the industry. In fact, in many cultures all over the world, the giving of gold as a gift during important occasions such as a birth, wedding, coming of age, engagement, etc., have become tradition. Gold has also become a significant economic indicator in many countries.

Appeal of Gold Jewelry

Staying Golden - The Art of Accessorizing with Gold Jewelry 2

Paired with different precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and others, it is safe to say that the appeal of gold jewelry is constant and enduring. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying jewelry for the first time, consider having some key pieces made of gold in your starter collection. There are different kinds of gold to go with different skin tones, clothing, makeup, and occasions, so rest assured there is one you can always wear at any given time.

Gold Jewelry and Skin Tones

Staying Golden - The Art of Accessorizing with Gold Jewelry 3

If you have a warm skin tone, the best gold for you would be those in the earthier range. Think yellow gold, emeralds set in darker gold, and those with bronze tones. If your skin is light and cool-toned, you can wear white-gold and any stone or crystals falling under “jewel” colors. Consider sapphires, garnets, and stones that give off a purple or pink hue. All of these look great and classic when set in lighter-toned gold.

Enhance Your Look

An all-black ensemble sets off gold jewelry dramatically. If understated is what you are going for, a pair of simple gold earrings, whether or not it has precious stones, a classic gold bangle, and a diamond ring set in gold will be your best bet. The trick is to avoid wearing an entire jewelry set, even if the pieces are matching. Gold can be overwhelming, so stick to key pieces and accessories that do not vie for attention, but instead will enhance your overall look.

Gold Accessories

You can also wear gold jewelry with less formal clothes. Accessories such as bags and shoes can feature gold buckles, hardware, and charms, and they go quite well even with just a blouse and pants get-up. Many also opt for gold watches to exude understated luxury. Tennis bracelets made of gold have become trendy even for the short-sleeved set. Ruffled blouses and collared tops can be accented with a simple gold brooch, a couple of thin bangles worn on one arm, or a basic chain necklace. Small gold studs can be worn on the ears for any occasion. Just make sure the style and pattern of your top or dress are simple and not overwhelming.


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